Friday, July 19, 2024

“Flood Ravages Ebonyi State, Leaving Widespread Devastation in Its Wake”

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Heavy rainfall over the past week has caused significant damage in Ogbogbo-Ekebeligwe Ishieke, located in Ebonyi’s local government area. The community has been severely affected, with the Ekebeligwe Bridge submerged under floodwaters and extensive destruction of valuable farm crops amounting to millions of Naira.

“The rainfall has devastated our farms,” lamented several farmers, highlighting the complete loss of crops such as yams, cassava, corn, and rice. They expressed deep concern about rebuilding their farms once the floodwaters subside.

During a visit by Mr. Clement Ovuoba, the Executive Secretary of Ebonyi State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA), Mr. Mgbada Chukwu, the farmers’ spokesperson, conveyed these concerns. He described how relentless downpours across the state led to widespread destruction of the community’s farmlands.

“In Ogbogbo-Ekebeligwe, farming is our main livelihood,” Chukwu explained. “We start planting early to sustain year-round farming, but this flood has wiped out everything.”

Chukwu detailed the aftermath of the rainfall, explaining how the floodwaters engulfed their fields, washing away not only crops but also essential produce like melons. Moreover, the flood compromised the integrity of the wooden Ekebeligwe Bridge, which is crucial for accessing their farmlands.

“The current bridge is at risk,” Chukwu warned. “During heavy rains, it becomes submerged, cutting off our access to the fields.” He urged the government to provide immediate assistance in the form of agricultural supplies and seeds to aid in the community’s recovery. Additionally, he appealed for the bridge to be replaced with a more durable structure made of reinforced concrete to prevent future risks.

Chukwu emphasized the urgency of the situation, highlighting the danger posed by the current bridge configuration during inclement weather. “When it rains while we’re in the fields, we rush home to avoid being stranded,” he elaborated.

Mr. Ovuoba expressed concern over the extensive flooding in the community and assured residents of the government’s commitment to providing support to flood victims.

“We are here to assess the flood damage,” Ovuoba affirmed. “The devastation to their farmlands is severe and jeopardizes the food security goals of both the State and Federal Governments.”

He pledged to communicate their findings to the relevant authorities, ensuring that state and national emergency management agencies mobilize resources to assist the affected community.

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