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Unknown Criminals Invade Lagos Community, Kidnap 28 Old Man

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Insecurity: Unknown Criminals Invade Lagos Community, Kidnap 28 Old Man. Despite the efforts of the government in fighting back the security challenges in Nigeria, it seems that more work needed to be done by the government to secure the lives and property of her citizens.

Kidnapping, banditry and other form of criminal activities are now the order of the day in the country, and this is not an exception to Igbe community in Igbogbo/Bayeku and Ijede Local Council Development Areas (LCDAs) of Ikorodu Division, Lagos State, Southwest, Nigeria.

The situation has generated to a situation where young men resulted into thuggery and kidnapping as a means of livelihood, targeting and extorting other people around.

Recently, unknown gang batched into the apartment of one Mr. fatai abolore, on the 14th of February, 2024, with the aim to get him kidnapped, and unknowing to the gang, he was already out of country; far away in South Korea.

But in search of him, his brother, Mr. hammed Owolabi was kidnapped by this group of criminals, this, according to the victim after he was rescued by the police on the 17th of February, 2024.

According to the victim, who is a 28 year old man: “some unknown gunmen break into our house at no:10 Oreta Town Igbogbo Ikorodu. They are seven in number; on 14 February, 2024, and they were shooting sporadically.

” This made everyone in the neighborhood to run away for their lives. And when they came, they were shouting my brothers name fatai, where are you. And I told them I don’t know his whereabout. those guys kidnapped me and they drop note that they will find my brother anywhere in Nigeria and kill him.

” When they kidnapped me in their car, the leader of the gang told me that my brother was the one who gave information about them to the police on their unlawful activities in the area. They said that my brother is an informant of the police.

” And unfortunately for them, on there way, the police intercepted their Toyota mini bus with no KJA 124 QN, and in the process, they all ran away into the bush.”

According to an eyewitness who does not want her name mentioned for fear of being killed explained that the gang left a note behind after carrying out their devilish act, reading: ” you are wanted dead Mr. Fatai. We will make sure you pay for it in hard way.”

” These guys came in at the middle of the night carrying arms, shouting Fatai where are you, we must kill you today, and all of us in the house have to run for the safety of our lives. They promised to come back. I am advising Mr. Fatai not to return home soon for the safety of his life,” the eyewitness said.

Though, according to the eyewitness, the case has been reported to the police, hoping for favorable response.


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