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“Sophia Momodu Responds to Davido: Claims Neglect of Imade’s Educational Expenses”

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Sophia Momodu, renowned for her connection with Nigerian music star Davido, has made serious allegations against him, accusing him of neglecting their daughter Imade over the past two years. This contentious situation has now escalated into a legal confrontation, with Davido filing for joint custody of Imade in a petition submitted to the Lagos State High Court on April 17, 2024.

In his formal petition, Davido not only seeks joint custody but also requests unrestricted visitation rights with Imade. The legal case, identified by the code LD/1587PMC/2024, positions Davido as the applicant and names Sophia Momodu as the respondent, highlighting deep-seated disputes over parental roles and access to their child.

In response to Davido’s legal actions, Sophia, represented by Punuka Attorneys & Solicitors and Bimpe Ajegbomogun & Co, issued a statement on June 22, 2024. She detailed how Davido has allegedly chosen not to see Imade since July 2022, despite her efforts to facilitate their daughter’s relationship with him. Sophia stressed that she has never impeded Davido’s attempts to meet Imade, asserting that he voluntarily distanced himself from their daughter.

Sophia recounted the history of her tumultuous relationship with Davido, noting periods of closeness from 2014 to 2017 and then from 2020 to 2022. During these times, Davido purportedly provided financial support for Imade, covering essential expenses such as school fees, rent, and other living costs. However, Sophia pointed out that their relationship deteriorated in 2022, leading to their separation.

According to Sophia, following their split, Davido allegedly made threats in response to her refusal to engage in sexual relations with him. She further claimed that since their separation, Davido has ceased his financial contributions towards Imade’s upbringing. This abrupt change has left Sophia solely responsible for Imade’s financial needs, including rent, living expenses, healthcare, and travel costs.

Sophia expressed frustration over what she portrays as Davido’s lack of interest in establishing a structured co-parenting arrangement. She accused Davido’s legal team of obstructing efforts to achieve an amicable resolution, instead leveraging Davido’s social influence and network to exclude her from decisions concerning Imade’s welfare.

The dispute between Sophia and Davido underscores broader issues of parental responsibility and the challenges of co-parenting for separated couples. Davido’s legal actions underscore his determination to assert his parental rights, while Sophia’s response underscores her dedication to providing a stable upbringing for Imade despite the obstacles presented by Davido’s alleged disengagement.

As the case unfolds in the public eye, it raises pertinent questions about the complexities of relationships in the public sphere and their effects on family dynamics. The assertions and legal maneuvers of both parties serve as a stark reminder of the emotional and logistical difficulties inherent in co-parenting, especially under the scrutiny of the public and legal proceedings.

The outcome of this legal battle is expected to have significant implications for how parental rights and responsibilities are managed within Nigeria’s legal system, particularly in cases involving high-profile individuals such as Davido and Sophia Momodu.

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