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FAAN Launches Operation Against Airport Touts and Extortionists

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The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) has embarked on a vigorous campaign to combat the pervasive issues of touting, extortion, and other illicit activities plaguing the nation’s airports. Spearheaded by Mrs. Olubunmi Kuku, the dedicated managing director of FAAN, this initiative marks a pivotal moment in the organization’s commitment to upholding law and order within airport premises. Since assuming office, Mrs. Kuku has championed a zero-tolerance policy towards such unlawful practices, aligning her efforts with the government’s overarching agenda to restore integrity and efficiency in public service.

In a proactive move to enforce these objectives and foster a more conducive business environment at airports nationwide, FAAN is set to launch a comprehensive initiative. Beginning next Monday, a newly constituted task force will intensify efforts to identify, apprehend, and prosecute individuals involved in criminal activities at airports across Nigeria. A memorandum circulated from the office of the FAAN MD delineated the strategic plans, emphasizing strict adherence to FAAN bylaws that stipulate prosecution and fines for offenses such as touting and unauthorized loitering within airport precincts.

“The task force, comprising FAAN Aviation Security (AVSEC) personnel and bolstered by the support of the Air Force, will be overseen by Mr. Henry Agbebire, FAAN’s Director of Special Duties,” revealed the internal memo. Furthermore, FAAN aims to collaborate closely with all relevant government agencies operating within airports to ensure comprehensive compliance with anti-touting and anti-extortion protocols.

In an effort to streamline legal procedures and enhance accountability, FAAN is planning to establish magistrate courts within Nigeria’s international airports. These specialized courts will facilitate expedited prosecution of offenders, underscoring FAAN’s steadfast commitment to eradicating the detrimental impacts of touting and extortion on air travelers and the broader aviation community.

The persistent prevalence of touting and extortion has remained a grave concern among stakeholders, including passengers, airport users, and the Federal Government alike. Such illicit activities not only tarnish Nigeria’s international reputation but also undermine ongoing efforts to cultivate a secure and hospitable travel environment.

“Many of the perpetrators are former airline employees who exploit their insider knowledge to defraud unsuspecting travelers,” highlighted the memo. The involvement of uniformed personnel from various agencies, such as police, customs, immigration, NDLEA, and FAAN security, exacerbates the problem by abusing their authority to engage in criminal activities, particularly at international airports, thereby complicating efforts to maintain security and uphold integrity.

Foreign travelers have unfortunately fallen victim to these nefarious practices, with their negative experiences contributing to international perceptions of corruption within Nigeria. Addressing these issues is paramount not only for safeguarding travelers but also for preserving Nigeria’s global reputation and nurturing a conducive environment for business and tourism.

In conclusion, FAAN’s proactive stance under the leadership of Mrs. Olubunmi Kuku reflects a resolute commitment to combatting touting, extortion, and other unlawful activities within Nigeria’s airports. Through coordinated efforts with government agencies and the establishment of specialized legal frameworks, FAAN aims to reinforce security measures, uphold regulatory standards, and restore public trust. By tackling these challenges head-on, FAAN endeavors to foster a safe, efficient, and welcoming environment for travelers while bolstering Nigeria’s standing in the global aviation community.

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