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Divorce Lawyer Reveals Top Causes of Marital Breakdowns

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James Sexton, a prominent family lawyer based in New York City, has identified infidelity and financial issues as the two primary reasons couples seek divorce. Sexton shared these insights during an appearance on Steven Bartlett’s “The Diary Of A CEO” podcast.

According to Sexton, infidelity is a common factor in many divorces, but attributing a split solely to cheating is an oversimplification.

He noted that infidelity often stems from a lack of sexual fulfillment within the marriage. “Men often seek more quantity, while women seek more quality in their sexual relationships,” Sexton explained.

He added, “This difference is why porn tends to be more popular among men—they are looking for a quick solution.”

On the financial front, Sexton emphasized that money issues are rarely just about the money itself. “Money is tied to power, control, opportunity, and security. It’s a complex web of factors,” he said.

Sexton pointed out that many people are not honest with themselves or their partners about financial matters, which can lead to significant marital strife.

To help couples avoid divorce, Sexton advises paying close attention to each other’s needs. He suggested simple gestures, like men writing love notes to their spouses, to reinforce affection and appreciation.

Interestingly, the need for Sexton’s services may be decreasing. Marriage rates have been climbing, while divorce rates have been on the decline since the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pandemic’s lockdowns appear to have had a silver lining, as many couples reevaluated their relationships during this period.

Although marriage rates remain lower than in the past two decades—when they averaged seven to eight per 1,000 people annually—the divorce rate has significantly dropped.

In 2000, the divorce rate was four per 1,000 people per year, compared to just 2.4 in 2022.

Experts attribute these trends not only to the end of lockdowns but also to a shift in how people approach and manage relationships in the wake of the pandemic’s challenges.

SOURCE: I’m a divorce lawyer — these are the two main reasons people get divorced By Adriana Diaz, New York Post

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