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5 of the best TV shows to watch this February

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Here is a list of 5 of the best TV shows to watch this February

You really need to check this out and have a fun time seeing good movies.

best TV shows to watch this February
Credit: ITV


1. Nolly

Nearly forgotten in the UK and never known in the US, Noele Gordon, known as Nolly, was the star of the soap opera Crossroads, but her long run came to an end in 1981 when she was abruptly fired at the height of her popularity, leaving viewers to wonder why. Helena Bonham-Carter brings her back to life in this series from superstar creator Russell T Davies, of the great It’s a Sin, and former and future iterations of Doctor Who. Davies has said that one of his first television jobs was writing a script, never produced, for Crossroads, and “I’ve wanted to write the story of behind the scenes on that show for 40 years”. Another long-forgotten outrage worked for Hugh Grant as disgraced politician Jeremy Thorpe in Davies’s previous period miniseries A Very English Scandal, so Bonham-Carter may well have similar success playing this rediscovered popular entertainment heroine.

Nolly premieres on 2 February on ITVX in the UK and at a later date on Masterpiece on PBS in the US


5 of the best TV shows to watch this February
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2. Murder in Big Horn

Missing and murdered Native American women, whose disappearances are often brushed aside as accidental, have been the focus of plenty of dramas, including the 2017 film Wind River and the current Hilary Swank ABC series Alaska Daily. The non-fiction series Murder in Big Horn looks at several real-life cases in Montana, in interviews with those closest to the victims and crimes, including their families and local law enforcement officers. The co-directors know the subject areas well. Razelle Benally, of Oglala Lakota and Dine ancestry, has written for the superb AMC Native American drama Dark Winds, and Matthew Galkin directed Showtime’s docuseries Murder in the Bayou. Shown at the Sundance Film Festival last month, the series may give the lost women who are at its centre the justice and attention so many of them never got.

Murder in Big Horn premieres on 3 February on Showtime


5 of the best TV shows to watch this February
Credit: (ABC)


3. Not Dead Yet

Smart, popular network sitcoms have been on the rise lately, with shows like the award-winning Abbott Elementary and the US version of UK comedy Ghosts. The latest attempt to reach that status stars Gina Rodriquez as a journalist who gave up her career to follow her boyfriend’s dream of opening a restaurant, only to find herself a cautionary tale a decade later, alone and jobless. She lands at a local newspaper in Pasadena, California, a lowly obituary writer. The twist? She sees dead people, the ghosts of her subjects, played by guest stars from sitcoms past, including Martin Mull and Rhea Perlman. Rodriguez, still beloved from her role as Jane the Virgin, may be the real draw here.

Not Dead Yet premieres on 8 February on ABC in the US


5 of the best TV shows to watch this February
Credit: Netflix


4. You

Penn Badgley returns for a fourth season as the most charming serial killer since Dexter. After killing his equally homicidal wife and faking his own death, the guy we know as Joe surfaces in London as a tweedy university professor who goes by the name Jonathan Moore and is already cranky about the elite poseurs around him. His season three obsession Marienne (Tati Gabrielle) is still around – while Charlotte Ritchie (Call the Midwife) looks set to be the latest target of his affections, playing Kate, an art gallery owner. You is among Netflix’s most successful series, and as with so many returning hit shows, the season will be split in two, with a month between them.

You premieres on 9 February on Netflix internationally


best TV shows to watch this February
Credit: Netflix


5. African Queens: Njinga

Jada Pinkett Smith narrates, and her company produces this new series that combines documentary with dramatisations to tell the stories of real-life African royalty. Season one is an account of Njinga, a 17th-Century warrior. Trained as a military and political leader, she fought against Portuguese colonisers, and ruled the lands of Ndongo and Matamba in what is now Angola. Netflix has positioned the series well. The success of films like The Woman King and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever have primed audiences for more stories of African women who led their people, and the series arrives during Black History Month in the US.

African Queens: Njinga premieres on 15 February on Netflix internationally



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